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My first encounter with screen printing occurred during my senior year of high school art class in the '90's. I learned to screen print a one-color design with a 120 watt light bulb and some basic hobby store screens and inks. The process seemed magical to me - as did the fact that I actually earned a little money by selling my modest art class creations to friends and family. Side Note: That same high school art class is also where I met my future wife who is now my  "print partner in crime".


After high school, we both spent ten years making a decent living in the manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, those jobs dried up in the area and like many other workers, I had no choice but to adapt to the changing economic climate. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me, because I was able to go to college and earn degrees in art and graphic design. The semi-dormant seed of creativity from high school flourished once again and I started screen printing as a hobby in 2009. It has since exploded into a wonderful and rewarding full-time endeavour.


In addition to screen printing shirts for area businesses, schools, bands, and churches; I travel to comic book and sci-fi conventions across the US to showcase and sell my own t-shirt designs. I also have 7 years of teaching experience in Photoshop, Graphic Design, and Audio/Video classes at KCTCS in Paducah. I enjoyed those years of sharing my knowledge with others, but left at the end of 2014 to focus more on screen printing.


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