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$2.00 for each 2XL item

$3.00 for each 3XL-4XL item

$3.50 for each 5XL item

T-Shirt Prices

Below is the price chart, per design, for the most common t-shirts we use for printing. The prices include the cost for set up, cost of the shirt, and cost for printing.


Click on each brand name to view the spec sheet with a detailed description of the product, available colors, and sizing chart.


We offer many other brands and products through our easy to navigate, ONLINE PRODUCT CATALOG.


You can also contact us for prices by e-mail, phone  or fill out our online personalized PRICE QUOTE FORM.


We may be able to discount prices on white tees. Be sure to inquire when ordering.


Cost of Set Up

Cost of Shirt

Cost of Printing

Add $2.50 for pocket tee.

Add $2.00 for long sleeve.

Add $4.00 for long sleeve tee with pocket. Color availability will vary.

15-24 Shirt Prices 2018 25-49 Shirt Prices 2016 50-99 Shirt Prices 2016 100-249 Shirt Prices 2016 100-249 Shirt Prices 2016